Friday 28 July 2017


A dark and twisted dream 
With no seeming end 
Search for exits 
From this hell within 
Nothing fills this empty void 
Nothing but hate locked in this place 
I live destined by fate 
Reach up
A child begging to be held 
You had the answers 
Yet you allowed me to fail 
This hidden cry from
The sleeping nightingale
You are the cure
That eases my rage 
Reach for me now
Leave life's shell 
I'll take you deeper 
Show you my own personal hell 

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Autopsy Of A Dream

Let your muse express its kind 
In the autopsy of your mind 

Autopsied dream 
Fire, Air, Water, Earth 
Running wild in the forest 
An animal 
Silhouette of your future 
Flashes before your eyes 
Limbs like trees run on for miles 
The blood is the time 
The veins carry the clock 
To your next adventure 
Nightmare skeletons 
Forged in your mind 
Every cell a new memory 
That you cannot find 
Use your eyes like 
The Surgeon 
And perform the 
To dissect each dream 
As if it were an abscess 
You need to remove 
Examine it like a Scholar 
Read the textbook 
Back to front 
Pick the journey 
To the dreams 
And piece them back together 
Like your organs 
Function to build life and 
Carry you through 
As can dreams 
Destroy you

Monday 10 July 2017

Past, Present, Future

My past is dead
My memory died 
All remembrance has gone 
As easily as the Sun shone 

Rewrite my past 
Make it anew 
Recreate events 
As I would want 
Erase my past 
Make it last 
Something dark 
Something primitive 
Back to the Aborigines 

My past is a reverie 
Merely a memory 
A distant image 
In a cacophony of sound 
Reflected in the present 

Repeat the past 
Make it last 
Re-do all that has been done 

Forget the past 
It doesn't exist 
No matter what they tell you 
Start over 
You will be victorious

It's insignificant 
Your past has died 
Ancient and lost 
To the King of the Underworld 

So rewrite, renew, redress 
Recreate yourself 
The past you should have lived 
Is written in the forgotten books 
Of Ancient magic 

Old Oak Tree

Alone it stands 
In a suspect moor 
Tall and grand 
Overlooking the ground
Green luscious leaves 
Litter its boughs 
No fruits to be seen 
Its wisdom is rich 
A vast wrinkled trunk 
The anchor of life
Time passes things by 
Except the Old Oak Tree 
Lost in memory 
Of an old reverie 

Sunday 2 July 2017


Can you hear me? 
Plunging deep down 
Water bound 

Hands like bricks 
Falling from earth 
Light fading 
No air in 
No air out 

Brain hits the panic button 
On red alert 
The will to escape 
Grows intense 

Reaching, reaching 
Pleading to the bricks 
Exhaustion but power 
The will never fades 

Pushing out 
Unleashing the Pythons 
Lifting up and out 

Life returns in an instant 
See the bricks 
Helpless still in water 
Can they hear me now? 

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Egyptian Queen

Fairies of dark enchantment 
Circle the pond of sapphire 
Dark Egyptian Goddess 
Floats in a charred boat 
Two pixies beside her 
Trees of fantasy 
Tall, dark and illumined 
By the midnight moon 
Azure paradise 
Crystal clear water 
Drink from the heavenly 
The fountain of youth 
Until there is truth 
Silver decadence 
Forms a halo of white 
Glistening fairies 
Alone in their dance 
Fireflies melting 
In the poisoned light 
For the Egyptian Queen kills all in her sight 

Creative Rose

Blood red rose shines 
In a nocturnal night sky
Leaks a dew
From its petals 
Engulfs the night
A silver fox charges 
Through moonlight
She locks a box
With a key
Thinking about what it could be 
Hidden inside the mind
Unlock the paper
Place the ink
Divulge your wildest dreams 
Fantasy of
Is it enough 
To push the word further deeper 
Until there is no conclusion 
Only imagination 


A dark and twisted dream  With no seeming end  Search for exits  From this hell within  Nothing fills this empty void  Nothi...